The Secret of #Success

Girl Crossing the Finish Line

A lot can be said for stand­ing back to observe how peo­ple talk about their life and goals.  I was recently vis­it­ing a new forum for peo­ple want­ing sup­port around get­ting healthy.  The forum was bro­ken out into dif­fer­ent forums for los­ing weight or train­ing for an event.  I started in the train­ing forum to see what was happening.

The train­ing forum was full of cel­e­bra­tions. Mem­bers cheer­ing each other on. Very high energy and excit­ing. I felt my spirit lift and I started dream­ing about run­ning. The body feels so strong after a good workout.

In the forum for los­ing weight, the mood was somber. The posts rid­dled with com­ments like, “strug­gling”, “my goal is to…,” “I have to…”.  All of the state­ments were exter­nally focused and laced with the feel­ing of dis­cour­age­ment.  The frus­tra­tion and lost hope made some of the posts too hard to read.

I was struck

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Gratitude improves every day

Silver lining

Find the sil­ver lining

Grat­i­tude has become a cor­ner­stone of my days. I don’t get to this post every week (though I think it would ben­e­fit me greatly if I did), but I have daily reminders of how blessed my life is.

Today I am grateful…

For hav­ing the resources to improve my life.  I am smart, learn quickly and have a pas­sion for help­ing other peo­ple.  It’s pay­ing off. I am grate­ful for the con­stant improve­ments in tech­nol­ogy that make work­ing from home with my kids pos­si­ble. Tech­nol­ogy has allowed me to make some won­der­ful friends.  We have never met but they help be get through every day and take my blog­ging to the next level. My chil­dren are healthy and grow­ing.  They are strong kids, with quick minds who love to learn and explore their world. I have love in my life.  I meet every per­son with a sense of loving

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Patch Adams’ Philosophy of Love

Patch Adams at Expo East 2011

Patch Adams

I was for­tu­nate to hear Patch Adams speak at the Expo East 2011 last week­end. For me this was the must-see speaker of the event. I adore Patch Adams and his mis­sion since I saw his movie. If you don’t know Patch Adams do your­self a favor and rent the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams. He is a med­ical doc­tor who, before it was fash­ion­able, began ques­tion­ing the staunch­ness of the teach­ing in the med­ical schools 40 years ago. He founded a heal­ing cen­ter called Gesund­heit “a project in holis­tic med­ical care based on the belief that one can­not sep­a­rate the health of the indi­vid­ual from the health of the fam­ily, the com­mu­nity, the world, and the health care sys­tem itself.”

In his talk he spoke of his mis­sion to bring peo­ple back to heal­ing through nat­ural, non-invasive modal­i­ties. For exam­ple, in his cen­ter no person

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Gratitude for today

I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation and goal set­ting this week.  Look­ing at my dreams for my life and future brings grat­i­tude and hope to the front of my consciousness.

Today I am grateful for…

1.  …hav­ing spent the time to get my edu­ca­tion when I was young.  There isn’t any­thing more I need to go to school to “learn.”  The rest of my learn­ing dwells in living life.

2.  …tak­ing the time to get clear on my dreams and set con­crete goals around what they will look like.

3.  …hav­ing a sup­port­ive fam­ily to encour­age me to do what makes me happy even if it doesn’t makes sense to them.

4.  …being healthy and strong.

5.  …the abil­ity to write and share my jour­ney with every­one that stops by my blog.

Being grate­ful puts a shine on the drea­ri­est of days.  What you are grate­ful for today?

Change is Coming

In the past weeks I have been re-evaluating my life and career goals.  When I looked at what was hap­pen­ing in my life and where I wanted it to go, it was clear refo­cus­ing was in order.

I am a firm believer in cre­at­ing the life you love and, as Joseph Camp­bell so aptly put it, “Fol­low your bliss.”  I real­ized I was doing things to make money with­out  pas­sion for what I was doing.  I was just try­ing to make money.  I wasn’t expe­ri­enc­ing the suc­cess I had envi­sioned and it was reflected in my desire to par­tic­i­pate in my work.

The next log­i­cal ques­tion was “what do I love to do more than any­thing else?”  The answer was easy to come up with.  I love coach­ing peo­ple around cre­at­ing health and well­ness to live a vibrant life.  It’s some­thing I have always been good at and have a his­tory of

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Labor Day Reflections

Today we cel­e­brate labor day in Amer­ica.  It’s a day of rec­og­niz­ing the advances we have made in this coun­try by work­ing hard.  At our great­est our coun­try was inno­v­a­tive and lead the world in advance­ments and inge­nu­ity.  It seems lately we are doing less and less inno­vat­ing and more import­ing.  The cre­ativ­ity seems to have left our busi­nesses and we are becom­ing more auto­mated and dis­con­nected from what we have to offer the world.

Many years ago, I was dat­ing some­one who would be con­sid­ered upper-middle class.  By all accounts he was suc­cess­ful.  He asked me if I would work if I didn’t need to.  I was hon­estly unsure how to answer at the time.  Here was some­one who had made a good life for him­self ask­ing if I would put aside my career aspi­ra­tions if I could.

I think it stopped me because at the time I was self-employed

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So much gratitude today…

Sunflower and Bee

Our fam­ily had such a won­der­ful break through this week it’s hard to know where to begin with my grat­i­tude for today.  I am grateful…

We were able to improve our family’s cir­cum­stances by real­iz­ing how blessed we have been in our lives. The power of believ­ing the solu­tion to a daunt­ing prob­lem will come does work.  Ask for what you need, believe it will come and find things to be grate­ful for.  Worked for us. My son took a rare nap yes­ter­day.  It afforded me the chance to cook with my daugh­ter and really con­nect with her.  (Cook­ing with 3 year old twins takes a spe­cial kind of patience).  I can han­dle one at a time though. I don’t have to get a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) I get to keep blog­ging and doing what I love and still sup­port my fam­ily. My kids are excited to start preschool and I will

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Go for the Goals August 2011

Goals blocks

I was look­ing around a com­mu­nity I fre­quent over the week­end and found a blog­ger post­ing her monthly goals as a way to be more account­able for her actions.  I love this idea and she wel­comed me in join­ing her in account­abil­ity.  So I am post­ing my per­sonal goals for August in the hopes it will keep me hon­est and motivated.


Get my body back to pre-baby con­di­tion.  I real­ize this is not 100% pos­si­ble but my goal for August is to clean up my eat­ing and get back to basics.  I know that will get me a health­ier weight and make me feel stronger and more empow­ered. Cut out the sim­ple carbs and flour for two weeks.  Meals will be healthy pro­teins, veg­eta­bles, low-sweet fruits (apples, pears, peaches, berries), green tea and lots of water. After two weeks I will add back com­plex car­bo­hy­drates like whole grains once a

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Birdies learning to fly

Bird's Nest

Every year since we’ve lived in this house, finches have tried to build a nest in the roof over our porch.  Twice we have found the dead babies on our porch, prob­a­bly ousted by another bird.  Once a chick’s heart was still beat­ing.  It took me a cou­ple of days to get over that one.  Poor birdie.

This year we have been watch­ing and lis­ten­ing for three months as the birds built their nest and filled it with lit­tle eggs.  We were rewarded with the sound of lit­tle chirps two months ago.  This week we could see the babies stand­ing on the edge of the nest call­ing for their next meal.

Ear­lier today we were hav­ing a snack on the porch hav­ing just got­ten our first water­melon from the CSA share (more on this later).  I kept hear­ing a knock­ing sound over our head.  I couldn’t fig­ure out what was making

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Something to be grateful for…

I real­ized yes­ter­day that I haven’t done a grat­i­tude post in a long time.

Life has been full of won­der­ful things lately.  It’s about time I started being grate­ful for some of them.

I’m have a won­der­ful time with my new blog Joy­ful at Home CEO.  It’s all about inspir­ing and moti­vat­ing change.  I love it.  If you visit, know I am still tweak­ing it. My son is potty trained.  It hap­pened really quickly and he’s doing such a great job.  Still the occa­sional acci­dent but we are pre­pared.  He’s even sleep­ing with­out a dia­per.  I’m so proud of him. I have got­ten back to the gym after a hia­tus because of potty train­ing.  It feels good to be work­ing my body again, albeit a lit­tle sore. I have been focus­ing on many new goals and get­ting clear about what I want to get out of my life.  It feels great to clar­ify what I

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