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The key to cre­at­ing a healthy lifestyle is to cook.  We all know this.  Some­times with our busy hec­tic lives we com­pro­mise our desire for health for con­ve­nient food.

Chef Jeff has taken up the ban­ner of get­ting peo­ple back into the kitchen with din­nerRev­o­lu­tion.  The recipes are easy to make, fam­ily friendly, healthy, have 10 ingre­di­ents or less and can be made in less than 30 minutes.

din­nerRev­o­lu­tion is laid out by dif­fer­ent food cat­e­gories, poul­try, seafood, veg­eta­bles, pork, beef and side dishes.  Many of the recipes are very appeal­ing even to my tastes which tend to lean toward a more gourmet palate.  With din­nerRev­o­lu­tion Chef Jeff has cre­ated an acces­si­ble and tasty cookbook.

Chef Jeff has worked in the health care indus­try, enter­tain­ment indus­try and for busy fam­i­lies.  He real­ized how dif­fi­cult it is for the aver­age fam­ily to put a home-cooked meal on the table with the crazy hec­tic lives we live.  So he set out to change how peo­ple eat.  Chef Jeff’s goal is to “…get the fam­ily back to the din­ner table and out of the fast food joints!”  I’m with him all the way.

Here’s the deal.  Chef Jeff wants to get this cook­book into the hands of as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble for feed­back before he rolls it out to the pub­lic.  The cook­book costs $27 retail.  He has given me this link to share with my fol­low­ers to get the book for FREE.  All he asks is for your feedback.

Try the cook­book and let Chef Jeff know what you think.  I sent him some feed­back about a recipe that needed to be edited and he was excited to get the feed­back and fixed the prob­lem right away.

So go here to get your FREE copy of din­nerRev­o­lu­tion.  Make sure to send your feed back to Chef Jeff after you try it.  I’m on board because I need more vari­ety and inter­est in my meals but don’t have much time to get food to the table before the kids start raid­ing the pantry.  This is just the cook­book to get me started.



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      Once you get used to not using the microwave you won’t even miss it. I don’t even think about it any more. There is some­thing arti­fi­cial about food cooked in a microwave.

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