Effective Vegetables for Candida Diet

As any doc­tor would sug­gest eat­ing plenty of fresh veg­eta­bles is the pen­chant to stay healthy. If you are think­ing of a diet plan it should def­i­nitely include eat­ing a whole lot of veg­eta­bles. When you are suf­fer­ing from Can­dida some of your near and dear ones would sug­gest veg­eta­bles as rem­edy to quick relief. But do all veg­eta­bles help cure Can­dida? Any expert would sug­gest there is a lot of stress given as a part of Can­dida diet upon which veg­eta­bles should be eaten for quick recov­ery. To under­stand which veg­eta­bles you should con­sume, first of all goal of the Can­dida diet must be made clear.

Can­dida diet is a spe­cial course of dietary action taken to improve the health con­di­tion of indi­vid­u­als suf­fer­ing from Can­didi­a­sis. Can­dida in plain and sim­ple terms is caused by a microor­gan­ism known as Can­dida albi­cans, which devel­ops within the intesti­nal tract of the host. This organ­ism releases harm­ful tox­ins that kill the friendly bac­te­ria which aids in keep­ing your body healthy and fit. There are some fac­tors that may lead to the growth of Can­dida such as:

  • Sug­ary foods
  • Antibi­otics
  • Stress
  • Processed foods
  • Overuse of steroids
  • Oral Con­tra­cep­tives

Can­dida diet tries to cut off the sup­ply of food to the microor­gan­isms. The organ­isms can­not spread out and are grad­u­ally starved to death. If you are con­sum­ing sugar, vine­gar, fer­mented foods, gluti­nous grains and car­bo­hy­drates, then it is worth say­ing that you are cre­at­ing breed­ing grounds for Can­dida albi­cans. While look­ing out for help­ful veg­eta­bles for your Can­dida diet make sure that veg­eta­bles with high starch lev­els and com­plex grains are not con­sumed. These veg­eta­bles break into sug­ary com­po­nents with a pas­sage of time and pro­vide nour­ish­ment to Can­dida albicans.


Vegetables for treating Candida albicans
Alka­line veg­eta­bles help treat Can­dida albicans

What veg­eta­bles to include in your Can­dida diet then? Below is a list:

  • Bulb veg­eta­bles such as chives, leeks, gar­lic, scal­lions, chest­nuts and shal­lots are good for Can­dida patients. They can be used to add extra fla­vor in your meals.
  • Onion and gar­lic con­tain anti-fungal prop­er­ties that can help your body com­bat the Can­dida organisms.
  • Arti­chokes, broc­coli, cau­li­flower and broc­coli rabe, which are exam­ples of inflo­res­cent veg­eta­bles, are also apt for your Can­dida diet.
  • Leaf veg­eta­bles such as arugula, cab­bage, chicory, let­tuce, col­lards, endive, kale and spinach are good for prepar­ing healthy sal­ads for Can­dida patients.
  • If you want yeast-free meals then egg­plant, cucum­bers, avo­ca­dos, okra, pep­pers and squash (which are fruit veg­eta­bles) are great choices.
  • You can also eat stalk veg­eta­bles such as chard, aspara­gus, cel­ery, fen­nels and kohlrabi.

Avoid root and tuber veg­eta­bles in your Can­dida diet. These groups of veg­eta­bles con­tain starch which can turn into sug­ary com­po­nents aid­ing Can­dida growth.

About author : Georgina Jace is a free­lance con­tent writer by pro­fes­sion. She finds immense plea­sure in writ­ing health related arti­cle includ­ing Can­dida diet.

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  1. ruth says

    The best thing to help the die off leave the body safely is ben­tonite clay. Drink with water. The die off bonds with the clay and leaves the body with­out the harm­ful effects. Pur­chase at local health food store.

  2. says

    We did a can­dida cleanse last year & are get­ting ready to start another one on Mon­day. Its crazy how much bet­ter we felt after the ini­tial die off phase. We found Aqua Flora & love it. Its a 3 month home­o­pathic pro­gram designed to help kill the can­dida. We also just learned about bak­ing soda’s abil­ity to get rid of can­dida & cancer!

    • Elizabeth says

      Hi, shan­non. Can you email me and tell me how you did the can­dida diet? i heard the die off phase can make symp­toms worse and cause stress on your organs like liver and kidneys.

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