Happy New Year 2012!

2012 is here. There has been a lot of talk about the changes to come in 2012.  Nos­tradamus pre­dicted unprece­dented polit­i­cal, cli­mate, and finan­cial changes that would alter our world from this point on.  There is evi­dence many of these things are com­ing to pass.  We are just start­ing to come out of the worst eco­nomic decline we have seen since the Great Depres­sion.  Weather pat­terns are bring­ing dam­age and chaos to many parts of the world.  In the North­east alone we have suf­fered from a tor­nado, earth­quake, hur­ri­cane which brought dev­as­tat­ing flood­ing and a freak snow storm in Octo­ber but no snow for Christ­mas.  I have lived my whole life in the North­east and have never seen such destruc­tive weather hit all in one year.  In addi­tion, the unrest of oppressed peo­ple has top­pled long-standing regimes and brought polit­i­cal unrest through­out the world.

What hasn’t got­ten any air time in regards to the changes of 2012, is that we are man­i­fest­ing the poten­tial for indi­vid­ual change and growth.  Yes, we are going through a period of great uncer­tainty.  We are also more capa­ble than ever to change how we view the world.  Who we are as indi­vid­u­als is more mal­leable than ever before.  There is great power for per­sonal change in the com­ing year.  The pro­lif­er­a­tion of the inter­net has brought the pos­si­bil­ity to con­nect with more peo­ple and ideas than ever before.  Social media are chang­ing the way busi­ness works and how we get infor­ma­tion.  This all means we can make new choices all the time to cre­ate some­thing new in our lives and con­nect with oth­ers who feel as we do.

Happy New Year 2012

What do you want to change this year?  What will make you more of who you have always been.  Now is the time to con­nect with that part of your­self and cre­ate an amaz­ing life.  2012 is a time of amaz­ing poten­tial. Make 2012 your best year ever!