Surviving the Storm

Snow Blanketing a Tree

Phew!  What a week.  I am just now get­ting back to my com­puter to work again.  I can’t believe how much trou­ble a lit­tle snow can cause.  I grew up in Syra­cuse, NY.  Never heard of it?  Well, it’s known for hav­ing excep­tion­ally high lev­els of snow dur­ing the win­ter.  Actu­ally, it has been known to get more snow than any other U.S. city. Not sure if that is still true after the past few win­ters.  Buf­falo, NY has really been giv­ing Syra­cuse a run for its money.  This is all to say, I am famil­iar with the effect of a heavy snow fall.  Been there, done that.

You might imag­ine how odd it felt last week to pack up my kids and drive the 4 hours to Syra­cuse to escape the 15–20 inches of snow at our home in New Eng­land.  My Syra­cuse friends did not miss the irony.  According

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