Thyme for Congestion

This win­ter was a rough one for us in terms of colds. Noth­ing seri­ous just colds that wouldn’t end. In the midst of my suf­fer­ing I was scour­ing my herbal texts for any sug­ges­tions I could use to end the con­ges­tion that was plagu­ing me. When I found the rec­om­men­da­tion to use a tea made with thyme, I was over­joyed. Thyme is my favorite herb. I’ve been accused of putting it in all of my meals. I cat­e­gor­i­cally deny that accusation.

Find­ing out the herb I have in abun­dance in my home is also good for reliev­ing con­ges­tion was truly a bless­ing. Of course I imme­di­ately had to try it out for myself. I pre­pared a cup of tea using a tea­spoon of dried thyme from my CSA last sum­mer (I dry herbs all sum­mer so we can have plenty for the win­ter). I steeped the tea for 5 min­utes in boil­ing water. I added a bit of honey to take the edge of the strong taste.

I felt relief within 10 min­utes of drink­ing the thyme tea. Within 30 min­utes I could breath again. I had the best sleep that night. In the morn­ing I pre­pared tea for the kid­dos adding an equal amount of mint to sweeten the taste and make it more palat­able for them.

There was a marked decrease in the amount of con­ges­tion and cough­ing that day. We have offi­cially added this as a key com­po­nent in our cold treat­ment arse­nal. I even use it after I have had more than my share of sweets and my sinuses are rebelling on me.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think. I am so excited to find such a sim­ple solu­tion to a chal­leng­ing cold symptom.



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Thyme Tea
This tea will help clear up con­ges­tion almost imme­di­ately. Keep a pot of it on the counter while you are sick. Drink a cup every time you feel stuffy and you will get quick results. Using raw honey will boost the health pro­mot­ing ben­e­fits of this tea.
  • 1 tea­spoon Dried Thyme
  • 1 table­spoon Dried Mint Leaves
  • Honey to taste
  1. Put dried herbs in a strainer or tea bag. Place in tea pot or pan. Pour boil­ing water over the dried herbs. Steep for at least 10 min­utes. Sweeten with Honey.



  1. DadOfThree says

    My son (12) was diag­nosed with bron­chi­tis and was pre­scribed the usual antibi­otics and steroids. I am not a big fan of pre­scrip­tion med­i­cine, but will use them if needed. How­ever, after sev­eral doses of thyme tea (one in the morn­ing and one at bed­time), his con­ges­tion has cleared up a lot. He still coughs a lit­tle, but the mus­cus is break­ing up and he’s spit­ting it out. Before the thyme tea, I had to give him sev­eral albuteral treat­ments, which I hate. But he has not needed one since the tea reg­i­men has started. I will be incor­po­rat­ing “tea time” for the entire fam­ily after din­ner dur­ing and before cold/flu sea­son. Thanks!

  2. Moses says

    I have planted some thyme and I find very help­ful. I use it reg­u­larly as a herbal tea. It clear the congestion.

  3. Chris says

    This past Novem­ber I got a really bad case of the flu. The cough was relent­less and I had a con­stant wheezy feel­ing that made breath­ing seem like a strug­gle. After read­ing about the use of thyme for res­pi­ra­tory assis­tance, I just made a strong tea using dried thyme from a jar I had in the house. Within min­utes, I felt like my air­ways had opened and cough was silenced. I’m a believer! It seems to help with con­ges­tion related to aller­gies too. I now reg­u­larly keep the Yogi brand Breathe Deep tea on hand (thyme is one of the main ingre­di­ents), and when­ever I’m feel­ing a lit­tle wheezy or short of breath I have a cup and the relief is immediate.

  4. Molly says

    The first time I tried this I was actu­ally get­ting a lit­tle freaked out because I was feel­ing like I just couldn’t get air in my lungs. It was late and we didn’t have any decon­ges­tants in the house, and I hate tak­ing them any­way because they make my heart race so much. So, I got online and found the sug­ges­tion to try thyme tea. I had only a jar of dried thyme from an old spice set and wasn’t sure it would be any good, but within min­utes of start­ing to sip the tea I could feel some relief. Like you said, after 30 min­utes or so I felt so much bet­ter. I haven’t made it often because I only get con­gested a few times a year, but I keep thyme on hand (and use it in food more than I used to!) and thyme tea is now my go-to for con­ges­tion. I like to share this page with my con­gested friends, so thought I should stop by and say thanks!

  5. Tammy says

    I had a bad reac­tion to mold in our hotel on vaca­tion. I fought with con­ges­tion for 2 weeks until I started scour­ing the inter­net for nat­ural help. My ears and nose were stopped up and I had a hack­ing cough that would not quit. Found this rem­edy on the inter­net and decided to try it. My mom gave me a spice set for Christ­mas last year and the Thyme had never been opened. Made a tea of this and within 15 min­utes my cough­ing eased up and was more pro­duc­tive as well. within 30 min­utes, my nose and ears began to drain. This is a won­der­ful rem­edy. I am going to try it on my 1 year old nephew who seems to keep fluid in his ears. Worked for me and I hope it will work for him.

    • says

      My source doesn’t dis­tin­guish the cause of the con­ges­tion and we don’t have many aller­gies here. It has worked for us every time we are con­gested. It would not hurt to try it out. Please let me know if you do and whether it works or not.
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