Anger gets a bad rap. We are taught getting angry is to be avoided at all costs.

Sometimes this can be the case. Anger can be attributed to the destruction of relationships, families, friendships, and even countries. Unchecked, anger can be devastating.

But…there is another side to anger that can be powerful and transformational.

Understood and channeled properly, anger can propel a person forward with resolve and dedication like no other emotion.

The destructive nature of anger is caused by the misunderstanding of where it really comes from and not properly utilizing it.

What really causes anger?

Anger is always for one of two reasons. Hurt or fear. The person gripped by anger is either afraid of something that the subconscious considers dangerous to its survival or from hurt or pain.

Understanding the cause of our strong reaction helps change how we utilize anger. When we can step back and see our motivation in the situation we are engaged in, we have new awareness and strength in channeling this powerful emotion.

From this new perspective, we are able to heal the source of our anger to create change in our lives. Essentially, we can choose a different outcome.

Anger as an agent of change

The key to using anger for positive change is taking 100% responsibility for our role in every interaction we have. Recognizing that we are responsible for our experience we choose the outcome. We choose how we react in the situation. We choose the effect it has on our perception. This is the real power to transform your life.

The key to doing this effectively is taking for our role in every interaction we have.  You become all powerful in transforming how your life goes forward.

If you are ready to transform your anger into the strongest for of change in your life, contact Theresa today for a Energize Your Life Breakthrough Session.

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