Do a Google search of “Energy Medicine” and you will get links to a wide range of alternative healing techniques. Some types of energy medicine may be familiar such as Reiki and shamanism, which is 1,000s of years old.  Other forms are newer, more eclectic and come from working with a combination of energy systems.

Energy medicine is being used as a blanket statement to describe many different modalities.  It is so new and unregulated, there is no definitive term to describe it.  Everyone is using it and technically they are all right.  Ultimately, energy medicine is the balancing of systems within the body to allow healing to occur.

You may be thinking, “What are these elusive energy systems everyone is talking about?”  Talking about energy systems in the body is new, and to many, foreign.  We are a matter based, I’ll believe it when I can touch it society. Why is for another conversation.  Just suffice it to say our medical system hasn’t caught up to the research.

What are the Energy Systems?

Several energy systems utilized to create balance in the body are not so uncommon in our culture.  Acupuncture is a popular and well-known healing method.  The meridians, elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) and several acupuncture concepts all contribute to the base of knowledge used within different forms of energy healing. You can find scores of books on these topics written for the lay person.  These systems can be accessed with acupressure by a properly trained healer. Acupuncture in and of itself is an energy medicine but the practitioners of the art don’t fully view it this way.


Less well known, but equally studied and utilized, is the chakra system presented in the Yogic healing tradition.  The chakras feed the body with energy and play a major role in the emotional body as well as supporting the physical organs located in the different locations of the seven major chakras.  Chakras are dynamic and powerful and can comprise a whole healing session in itself.

Physical Reboot

Ironically, traditional medical science unknowingly uses some available energy systems to create balance in the body.  If you have ever heard of an EKG or EEG, these are machines used to measure the electrical output of the heart and brain.  In reality, every cell within the body has an electrical output that can be accessed to provide healing. 

The application of the electrical system during a healing session is almost like rebooting a computer to fix glitches.  Tapping into the body’s electrical system, (no application of external electrical sources required), can rejuvenate organs and glands.  In fact, it is a wonderful treatment for most autoimmune disease symptoms, like Adrenal Fatigue.

Auric Space Suit

Another well studied but little discussed energy system is the aura.  Kirlian photography dates back to the early 1940s and gave us concrete proof of an aura around the body.  Since then, physicists have proven that we not only have an aura but it plays a significant role in protecting our body and energies.

Energy medicine may be confusing and little understood.  In truth, it is an ancient healing method that has a lot to offer those struggling with the chronic health issues and autoimmune diseases that seem to be plaguing our society today.  It can play a major role in preventative health. 

If you would like to find out how Energy Medicine can help you heal your chronic disease, contact Theresa for a Energize Your Life Breakthrough Session today.

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